Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Three super foods that you should eat if you want to get lean quicker!

Try adding these 3 foods in to your diet to boost results. 

1. Salmon
Oily fish like salmon contains healthy fats that aid fat loss, this is why you should be eating salmon whenever you get a fish craving. Salmon is also packed with protein, which as you know helps build muscle. 
These are the reasons that I rate salmon as the singular best fish to eat.

2. Grapefruit
Half a grapefruit contains as little as 35 calories and the acidity of the fruit slows down digestion, helping you feel full for longer and suppressing sweet tooth cravings. Its also high in anti oxidants which help protect you from post-workout fatigue. 
Try adding a scoop of whey protein to 400ml of pure grapefruit juice for a supercharged post workout drink.
Don't consume too much though or you'll be spending more time on the toilet than in the gym.

3.Wholemeal Bread
You should be eating this anyway on a weight loss diet, as it is packed with slow releasing carbohydrates that keep you energised throughout the day and keep your appetite suppressed for longer. Any time you need to get your fix of food from the bakery, opt for the wholemeal goods and avoid the white breads that contain chemicals.


  1. Good post. I'm always on the grapefruit whenever I need to cut down, got used to the taste too, which some people don't like

  2. need to try the grapefruit i heard good things

    hit back

  3. @ Jigga69 I like the taste personally :D, I like anything though after my workouts I dont care lol

    @ Zen18Brah, solid blog you got going there brah, following click click boom

  4. I got number 1 and 3 down. just need more 2.

  5. @Lose Fat Rapidly
    If you dont particularly like Grapefruit, an apple would be a good replacement. They are nearly 85% water so are perfect for a cutting diet where you are trying to reduce caloric intake.

  6. 2 and 3 for me, never been a big fan of fish. However if you intend to lose weight I would imagine that taste and preference take a back seat to the main goal, great blog by the way.

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  7. Thanks for the support bro, as for the fish, definately not mate, if you dont like fish like salmo I recommend you to supplement fish oil and eat some peanut butter, these are great alternatives to fish :)

  8. love dat wholemeal bread, only bread i ever eat now
    I follow back!

  9. Im on a cut at the moment, might give those foods a go. Thanks!

  10. Good tips! Love the salmon man! Eat it twice a week.

  11. i eat these on the regular. follow back, man!

  12. Well I love all those foods... But I'm not overweight... I eat them anyway!

    I follow and support those who do likewise.